Our Team Leaders


Vision:    "People have quality health and safety knowledge at work, to remain safe and return home at the end of their day"
Mission: "To strengthen efforts to encourage and grow a dedicated safety culture in businesses, organisations, industries and sectors"

Meet Our Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is lead by our CEO and is responsible for the day to day operation of our business as we work diligently towards achieving our Mission and Vision.


Tania Harris - CEO

Successful Independent Business Consultant for the past 13 years. Committed to the ethos that; 'everyone should have the opportunity to go home safely at the end of their working day'.

Tania has served on a number of Boards (as Chairman and Directorships). Tania has also undertaken key strategic business planning, project positioning and hard and soft marketing, over the past 22 years.

Highly skilled in Business Planning and Management, Marketing & Business Strategy, Management, Survey & Data Collection , e: Promotions & Sales, e: Systems and website project development, we are pleased to have her as our CEO, leading a quality team with a strong customer service focus. Other key skills Tania brings to the table include;

  • High level of skills in Organisational & Business Development and Strategic Planning, Systems, Quality Assurance and analysis
  • Event Management, Trade shows, sponsorships and promotions
  • Long term involvement with a variety of Membership based not for profit organisations (NGOs)
  • Key strategic relationships in both the Public and Private sectors.

Broad networks in Health and Safety and the wider economy, both public and private sectors.

Strong Advocacy and negotiating skills with political and business networks, undertaking key contracts, projects, funding development and advocacy specifically in; Building & Construction, Health & Safety, Education, Conservation, Tourism, Property Development, Aviation, Conventions & Events, Energy & Resources, Forestry, Fisheries, Farming and Health.

Mobile:  021 264 3041  (Dialing from outside NZ:  + 64 21 264 3041) |  tania@puresafety.co.nz


Angela Morgan - Chief Operating Officer  (COO)

Angela brings to the team an impressive range of Customer, Sales Support, Marketing and Business Management experience, gained from over 9 years with Air New Zealand and a further 3 years working with Pure Health and Safety Ltd.  Angela initially joins us from her Support Analyst role in the IT industry with Serko, taking up our National Customer Services Manager position.

Since joining the company, Angela’s drive, dedication, customer and business focus has earned her the role of COO.  Angela now oversees our organisation’s ongoing operations and procedures.  As second-in-command, Angela is responsible for the efficiency of business. With her in-depth knowledge of Health and Safety practices and the challenges businesses and organisations face, to meet their compliance obligations, Angela also maintains control of diverse business product and services development; streamlining products and services to meet our customers’ needs.   Angela Project Manages a number of our key development strategies and continues to research and integrate business procedure improvements, utilising new and efficient technologies to deliver quality and growth.  She is an experienced and efficient leader with excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics.

Angela can be contacted on: 0800 88 54 54 | info@puresafety.co.nz


Russell Parker - Review, Audits, Training & Planning Consultant

Russell brings extensive experience to the health and safety industry.  After more than 25 years involvement within construction, his career profile has encompassed a wide range of operational and managerial activities, including managing a diverse team of Property Refurbishment Trade Operatives, Supervisors, Surveyors, Office support staff and area regeneration professionals.

Prior to consulting for Pure Health & Safety Ltd, Russell was a Health, Safety and Environmental Regional Manager with Site Safe NZ. Russell’s previous career path was in the United Kingdom.  He was an Indentured Tradesman & Gas Engineer for eight years, before becoming involved with building management, he progressed to an Area Manager of Public Housing Maintenance and Refurbishment for four years, he was then appointed to Senior Project Manager for seven years with the Local Authority Housing Department prior to his move to New Zealand.   

Russell has extensive experience working with a wide range of people in the workplace from Labourers and Tradespersons through to Managing Directors, CEO’s, Board's and Politicians.  He has vast experience in quantity and bonus surveying, site management, health and safety (NEBOSH Qualifications), management consulting, financial management and industrial relations within the building and maintenance industry.  Russell has worked alongside a wide range of industries and sectors and is highly customer focused and driven.                  

Russell can be contacted on 0800 88 54 54 | info@puresafety.co.nz