Our Board


Vision:    "People have quality health and safety knowledge at work, to remain safe and return home at the end of their day"
Mission: "To strengthen efforts to encourage and grow a dedicated safety culture in businesses, organisations, industries and sectors"

Our Board Leadership

Our Board and its Advisors are comprised of a strong team of business leaders who guide and drive the governance decision-making of our business. They have responsibility for the development and approval of long term strategy and performance including key policy issues, management performance and oversight of risk.

Our Board Leader

Tania Harris - Director

Successful Independent Business Consultant for the past 13 years. Committed to the ethos that; 'everyone should have the opportunity to go home safely at the end of their working day'.

Tania has served on a number of Boards (as Chairman and Directorships). Tania has also undertaken key strategic business planning, project positioning and hard and soft marketing, over the past 22 years.

Highly skilled in Business Planning and Management, Marketing & Business Strategy, Management, Survey & Data Collection , e: Promotions & Sales, e: Systems and website project development, we are pleased to have her as our CEO, leading a quality team with a strong customer service focus. Other key skills Tania brings to the table include;

  • High level of skills in Organisational & Business Development and Strategic Planning, Systems, Quality Assurance and analysis
  • Event Management, Trade shows, sponsorships and promotions
  • Long term involvement with a variety of Membership based not for profit organisations (NGOs)
  • Key strategic relationships in both the Public and Private sectors.

Broad networks in Health and Safety and the wider economy, both public and private sectors.

Strong Advocacy and negotiating skills with political and business networks, undertaking key contracts, projects, funding development and advocacy specifically in; Building & Construction, Health & Safety, Education, Conservation, Tourism, Property Development, Aviation, Conventions & Events, Energy & Resources, Forestry, Fisheries, Farming and Health.