VIO Smartphone Keychain Breathalyser

Wireless Smartphone Accuracy & Affordability!

Quickly and easily estimate your blood alcohol content (%BAC). Perfect for BAC testing on the go, the Vio fits inside a purse or pocket and can also be used as a keychain.

The BACtrack Vio transmits information wirelessly to your smartphone and gives amazing functionality and accuracy for the price point. The Vio utilises an advanced MicroCheck® alcohol sensor to determine BAC quickly and easily. Simply download the free app and you are away in seconds.

Another world leader from the biggest name in digital breathalysers.

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We promote responsible driving. A breathalyser should be used as a guide only - never drive over the limit. We strongly recommend that you use the device correctly, know your limit and if you blow under the legal limit but are still close to the legal limit, that you do not drive. Get a taxi or sober friend to take you home; it's safer for you and others, it will also ensure you don't lose your license which would have significant costs and outcomes for you.